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Family Law in B.C.


Family Law is a commonly used term that encompasses many areas of a relationship between couples that have issues or breakdowns in agreement.

  1. Family Law Separation Agreements

    When an occasion...

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Understanding Grief


To grieve is natural. To mourn is normal. Members of the Funeral Services of B.C. are experts to consult in this area. YATES Memorial of Oceanside deals on a daily basis with many who have lost...

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Putting your affairs in order now will spare others from anxiety and expense at the time of death. Most people name their spouse as their Executor-who is honest and has common sense. They can hire...

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Wills are commonly understood as an essential item in Estate Planning.

The us of Trusts to accomplish your goals is much less known or used.

Trusts are not be useful for many in the proper...

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Legal Questions


1. Should we own our home as Joint Tenants or tenants in common?

Most married couples chose Joint Tenancy so that when the first of them passes away, the property reverts to the survivor and this...

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The large number of baby boomers now retired for some years, means some are already age 71 or soon will be. As taxpayers, they must terminate their RRSP’s by the end of the calendar year they...

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End Of Life Care


Personal Representation Agreements name a substitute decision maker. You may be named for your spouse, parents or other loved ones. Thus, you are the person who must instruct medical staff when...

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Making A Will


The drafting of a Will or a revision of a dated version involves asking yourself a number of important questions. It may seem a simple process but without legal advice, many considerations can be...

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Executor’s Duties


There are a number of duties of an Executor/Trustee to a Will. The following points seek to acquaint the reader with the obligations imposed by such an appointment:

  1. If you know you are named as...
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What happens when we can't give directions for ourselves about our medical treatment? Who will make those decisions for us?

In British Columbia , there are laws that offer some...

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