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About Gordon D.S. Ball, B.Comm. LLB

Gordon Ball is a senior Family Lawyer and the principal behind Nanaimo Divorce Law. He provides an ideal combination of education, experience, and understanding to better serve clients in the process of a marriage breakdown. He is a member of the Law Societies of Alberta and B.C. and has practised in the area of Family Law since 1972.

Gordon's practice focuses on negotiated solutions for divorcing couples, and has acted as a mediator in many cases. Recognizing the emotional and financial toll that divorce takes on people, he strives to work closely with clients to minimize the costs both financially and stress related to them and any children involved. Gordon's Commerce degree greatly assists him in understanding the finances that make up the marriage assets.

An alumni of the University of Saskatchewan, Gordon received his Commerce degree in Accounting in 1968, and remains a staunch Roughrider fan. He obtained his Law Degree from the University of Alberta in 1972, and wisely made his way from Calgary to Vancouver Island, just a few years ago.

Gordon is active in his community serving as Vice President of Newcomers, Business Clubs, Toastmasters, and other organizations. An avid sportsman, he remains very active with hiking, golfing and playing senior hockey. Gordon also presents short seminars and talks to senior groups, Rotary Clubs, Newcomers groups, and others on request.

Clients and friends often comment on the relaxed manner in which he deals with people making them comfortable after their meeting. "You are not like most Lawyers," is a comment that he often hears and takes as a compliment. A serious student of personal development, Gordon seeks to not only be a trusted authority in Family Law, but the best person he can be.

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