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Divorce Law Services

Divorce and Separation can be very upsetting and overwhelming for everyone involved. This is especially true when children are affected. Nanaimo Divorce Law works to achieve a positive result for the family, by providing understanding, and experienced, effective legal representation.

Divorce involves many elements. Property and financial obligations need to be divided and resolved fairly. Nanaimo Divorce Law expects their clients to be fair and reasonable in working toward a proper settlement with their spouse.

Children are of primary concern, both in the Family Law Act of B.C. as well as at Nanaimo Divorce Law.There are Child Support, Custody and Parenting times to be addressed in any Agreement.

Spousal Support is a complicated combination of the respective incomes of both parents, the length of the marriage, and many other factors that need to be considered under the Federal Guidelines.

Nanaimo Divorce encourages couples to work out a fair settlement agreement, together. Even when that is accomplished, the legal binding paperwork and the properly expressed terms can still be confusing and difficult. Couples who are divorcing or separating need to ensure a proper legally binding and enforceable document is in place for the future. Nanaimo Divorce will guide you through the process.

Divorce involves a variety of challenges, each one unique to your specific relationship. Nanaimo Divorce will make sure that you explore and understand your options and your fair rights. We will work toward the best outcome to protect you and your family. Taking the time to learn your unique needs and goals, our main objective is to help ease you and your family through the many changes that will occur, and provide some peace of mind, in this very trying time.

Feel confident that your family can move forward knowing that your situation has been handled professionally and fairly.

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