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Legal Services for Division of Property

As a general rule in the B.C. Family Law Act, assets that separating or divorcing couples have accumulated, from the time of their co-habitation or marriage, are divided equally. Property can include the matrimonial home, vehicles, cash in the bank, RRSPs or TFSAs, pensions and other property, as well as debts such as loans, and credit card accounts.

There are exceptions to this general rule. You should contact Nanaimo Divorce before you separate from your spouse, or immediately after, to educate yourself about your potential options.

For example, certain money from inheritances can be eligible for exemptions from the equal asset division. The valuation of employment pensions can be difficult and require our expertise to reach a fair resolution.

The division of assets is often the most difficult task to resolve by couples, and can cause emotional turmoil. There are significant changes that can often result in selling the family home, or moving to less desirable accommodations.

With Nanaimo Divorce's considerable experience, we have the expertise to help you reach a fair and reasonable agreement with your spouse. Mediation is encouraged with those who are prepared to work fairly to resolve all issues.

Applications and Court appearances occur only as a last resort if one or both parties refuse to negotiate in good faith, or are highly misinformed of the true and fair nature of their expected outcomes.

We always try to avoid court trials because of the degree of damage they can inflict on families going through this rough period in their lives. Our goal is to:

  • Preserve family assets
  • Protect the children
  • Encourage ongoing cooperation in the family

Nanaimo Divorce will take into account the respective positions of each spouse, suggest workable options, and protect your interests, and specifically those of any children involved.

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