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Success Secrets I Wish I Had Known


There are certain Rules that we need to know in the game of life in order to win. What did you trade for the last 24 hours of your life? We can change who we are and how things will affect us. Everything you do counts in life. To get a better life, you need to get better. Here are some secrets:

  1. Dream Big Dreams
    People need meaningful purposes in their life to succeed.
  2. Love What You Do
    Commit to excellence in your area of choice. Focus on your unique talents and abilities.
  3. No Way To Fail
    Don’t consider failure. This is an event not a person. Learn from your failures.
  4. Self Improvement
    Always continue to learn, read books, and listen to tapes. If you read one book a week for a year in your area of expertise, you would be the leading authority in your City. One more year of this activity would make you a leading expert in your Province or Country.
  5. See Yourself As Self Employed
    Even in a job,act as a consultant-with your own company. Study the right books to be better.
  6. Successful People
    Associate with successful people. Watch what they do and do not follow the path and habits of losers.
  7. Work At Work
    Use your time working and not hanging around the coffee room. Develop a driven to succeed attitude.
  8. Flexibility
    Be teachable and flexible, open to new ideas, suggestions and personalities.
  9. Don’ t Ask To Be Rich
    Determine what service you can provide to become a millionaire. We become what we think about most of the time, so think about what you want in life.
  10. Small Steps
    Slowly build success and don’t expect it overnight without sacrifice. Seek small victories to celebrate, not one big event.
  11. Creativity
    People have more creative abilities than they realize. Solve problems by yourself with sources of information and your own abilities.
  12. Sense Of Direction
    Write down your plan for your life. You could have 100 separate dreams about money, travel, assets , love.
  13. Develop A Workaholic Mentality
    Work all the hours of the day you have for your business rather than wasting time with others just visting.
  14. Develop Resilience
    Bounce back quickly from things that do not work out. Things are not perfect in the world but you can learn to recover fast from your failures.
  15. Unshakable Optimist
    See yourself as important and unique. There are no failures with a positive mental attitude. Tell yourself today is a wonderful day!
  16. Develop A Sense Of Urgency
    Have a “Do It Now” mentality and arrive at any task ready for action.
  17. Concentrate On One Thing
    Focus on one thing at a time. Get your answer needed and move on to a second thing when completed.
  18. Find A Mentor
    Seek out people who are successful and who will care how you do. Learn from their experiences and take them to lunch as often as you can.
  19. Be Honest
    This requires being honest with yourself as well as others. Ethics, values and the laws of the Universe come out in the end. Determine your real life values regarding your job, family, relationships with friends, etc.
  20. Be Decisive And Serious
    Be decisive and serious about things in regard to your job,your life, your partner, how you live your life, your purpose and direction. Example-get serious about your plans for retirement, or better health.
  21. Self Discipline
    Self discipline is the foundation of your future. Force yourself to do things even when you do not like it. Work out 3 times a week when it is easier to simply go for lunch.
  22. Help Your Community
    Devote a percentage of your time , energy and money to community causes and be gracious in all that you contribute.
  23. Law Of Reciprosity
    If you do good things for others, it will come back to you in many ways. Like attracts like, money attracts money, good character attracts good character. Speak well of others and they will speak well of you.
  24. Become A Good Public Speaker
    If you learn to become an accomplished public speaker, it can be a big factor in your success. You will be viewed more favourably by friends and colleagues when you have a skill very few possess.
  25. Persistence
    This is a key to all the other Rules.Keep at something and don’t quit ever. Make yourself many promises and work to honour them. Pick good role models and remember your children have no choice in picking you as their model. Be a good one!
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