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Personal Development - Happiness


In a previous Newsletter, we wrote of the real goal of everyone-to be happy. What are some lessons to learn about how to accomplish this? Too often we think this arrives with obtaining financial riches or a certain stat, but a closer study reveals that is not so. Happy people leave clues and secrets that perhaps they don’t even realize they possess. Here are some examples for you to watch for and adopt.

  1. Don’t simply wish to be happy. This could make you more depressed. Instead, try to maintain a level of feeling good about your life and not seek only joyous events that disappear in a short time.
  2. Happiness is who you choose to be. Misery or unhappiness is determined not by sad events that occur but by how we react and choose to feel. When you make happiness a priority in your life, this ability means nothing can force you to be unhappy. Happiness is a choice for you to make.
  3. Don’t base your happiness on something in the future. Hopes and goals and ambitions are nice, but it is better to be happy in the present, not rely on the unpredictable future to be happy.
  4. You can make others happy. You can also let them make you happy. Smiling at someone makes them feel happier and laughing together, even more so. Make it your practice to be around happy people whenever possible.
  5. Remembering good times of the past. This works for a short time but does not change today. Focus on how you feel in the present. Obviously thinking about unhappy memories must be avoided to not rob you of happiness today.
  6. It is important to appreciate what you have. Don’t dwell on what you would like to obtain.Those in poor countries can show this to us. They avoid feelings of entitlement or envy that can rob one of feeling happy. Don’t spend a life wishing for more at the cost of losing your happiness now.
  7. You cannot compare your happiness to others. They may appear to you to be happier. Others have problems of their own. If you compare your saddest times with others you may find you would not want to trade places. It has been wisely said that if you were to throw all your problems in a pile with those of everyone else , and draw out your share of newer ones, you would want your own back.
  8. A lot of entries in Facebook do not spell happiness. All the party photos don’t mean they are happy all the time and their life is better than yours. Again, do not try to compare.
  9. Happiness is a personal responsibility. Don’t wait around for someone to make you happy. Any happiness you obtain, you need to create for yourself. Happiness is when you are consistent with your thoughts, what you say and what you do.
  10. No one can be happy if they have not felt sadness. This is necessary for you to recognize the difference in comparison.
  11. Make every day matter. Do things every day that are important to you. A person needs to feel that their existence matters, and has some meaning and purpose.Sitting around does not make one happy.
  12. Happiness is a gift. You do not have to do something to deserve happiness or put in a certain effort to receive it. You can give and receive it with friends , family, the rest of the world and from yourself.
  13. Know what you love. Often happiness is from those we love. Figure out what makes you smile and feeling great. Spend your time on those things and there will be no room for sadness.
  14. Be happy just to wake up each morning and know you have been given another day to spend being happy!

What Can Rob You Of Happiness?

  1. Talking without action. We should avoid talking about our dreams instead of working on them. Follow up your passions and dreams with action or you will become depressed in a short time and question if you will ever achieve anything you desire.
  2. Don’t compare yourself to others. Either you will feel guilty because you see those less fortunate struggle or feel inadequate because others seem better off than you. It is a lose/lose scene. Just try to improve yourself a little each day.
  3. Don’t listen to people with nothing positive to say. Negative people are a drain and in the same room can ruin your mood. It is best to simply avoid them. Stay around positive people.
  4. Don’t focus on the news. Most successful people do not bother with the negative news reports. By watching, we realize we have no control and it makes one feel helpless. Instead focus on those things you can change for the good in your neighbourhood. Volunteer to help kids, or seniors or others in need. Your efforts will make a difference and make you happier.
  5. Don’t worry about changing others. Instead of thinking about how others could change for the better, work on your own weaknesses and keep too busy to correct others.
  6. Happiness is not a destination to be reached. You may have the idea that when you reach a goal, you will become happy. If you base your happiness on attaining a certain goal, when you arrive you will be disappointed. Wise people realize that happiness is in the journey, not the end itself. If your greatest goal is working with small children, then attaining Vice President at your large company will not do it for you. Trading some money for more happiness is always a good trade.
  7. Be grateful & say thank you for all that you have.
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