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Habits Of The Successful


Creating lasting, healthy habits is the real key difference between people who are successful in life and those who are not. There are some habits that make the biggest difference.

  1. Successful people embrace change. Unsuccessful people fear change.

    Change is a constant for everyone and it is important to develop a positive attitude with it. When unexpected or unwelcome changes arise, ask yourself how you can best deal with it instead of running away. Here are a few practical ways:

    • Take a moment to recognize and address any fears associated with the change
    • Communicate with a person you trust about your negative feelings.
    • Practice positive thinking.
  2. Successful people exude joy. Unsuccessful people think, say and do negative things.

    A joyful disposition is a difficult reality these days but it can be easier than you may think. Just notice the good things around you and practice being thankful for all you have. Gratitude is not just a buzz word-chosing a positive attitude can really change your life. Many studies show that gratitude leads to greater happiness. It also can have a positive impact on mental health.

  3. Successful people forgive others. Unsucessful people hold grudges.

    As a human, you have for sure been offended or hurt by others plenty of times. Don’t hold a grudge but let it go. This does not mean giving up on your principles or admitting the offending party is in the right. Let things go for your own peace of mind.

  4. Successful people track progress. Unsuccessful people just criticize.

    Some criticism is good for personal and professional development. What is not helpful is the pessimistic, nagging, unfair or harsh variety. This can have an affect on yourself or others. Instead, track all your “wins” as you progress, however small and keep a journal of accomplishment. Armed with this, you will be less tempted to fall into being hard on yourself.

  5. Successful people share information. Unsuccessful people hoard.

    If you have useful information or have a brilliant idea, your first thiughts night be to keep it to yourself for personal gain and recognition. It is better to share them with your friends or colleagues. Your talent will be on display readily enough and as a result your group will support you.

  6. Stay Humble

    The key is to have the ability to listen to others, really listen and understand for success in business and in personal realtionships. To do this, you must be humble. Everyone has experienced the frustration of a one sided conversation . If someone approaches with a question or comment, give them the kindness of your full attention.

  7. Successful People take risks. Unsuccessful people take the easy way out.

    The next time you are stressed and want to walk away, try embracing the risk. You never know what might happen if you take a chance. An example might be accepting a speaking request even when it seems scary. Success follows those with courage not those afraid.

  8. Successful people learn, improve and read every day. Unsuccessful people stop learning.

    Perhaps devoting an hour every evening to a book where you can learn would be better than 3 hours in front of the T.V. Expose yourself to learning new things, thoughts and ideas every day.

  9. Successful people handle problems well. Unsuccessful people act before they think.

    The next time you run into a problem or an emergency, try to work through the initial panic and take some deep breaths. Think through your next actions quickly but as logical as possible. It is an important tool for those successful to learn how to handle problems well.

  10. Successful people accept responsibility for their failures. Unsuccessful people blame others.

    This skill is one of the hardest to do. It can also be the most rewarding. If you fail, you need to fight the thoughts to pass the blame. To accept failures honestly and gracefully is important. There is no need to feel bad about the disappointment of failure. The most successful among us have failed many times as being part of the process of success.

  11. Successful people work with passion and commitment. Unsuccessful people have a sense of entitlement.

    A good rule is to never expect to achieve the things you want without hard work. Follow your passion and stay committed to pursuing it. Hard work and good habits lead to rewards.

  12. Successful people spend time with the right people. Unsuccessful people think they already know it all.

    Many miss out on useful relationships and info sharing because they beliee they can do it all alone. You can be a better person by spending time with those who encourage and inspire you to do better. This can remind you not to try to do it all alone.

  13. Successful people make to- do lists and maintain proper balance. Unsuccessful people waste their time.

    Time management is so important and those unsuccessful never master the skill and habits of organization and planning.

    • Make to-do lists that will help you. Do this every morning or whenever you can.
    • Keep track of your time and be sure you are happy with how you are balancing all aspects of your life.
    • Keep a calendar full of long term goals to point you to work on them.
  14. Successful people will compliment others. Unsuccessfulpeople will try to bring others down to their level.

    Say NO to sudden jealous or envious feelings and honestly admire someone’s talents instead. Unsuccessful people feel in constant competition but successful people know building people up is far more rewarding than bringing them down.

  15. Successful people want others to succeed. Unsuccessful people secretly hope they will fail.

    Care for people around you with good intentions.Encourage them to success. Their failure will not help you.

  16. SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE KNOW THEIR PURPOSE AND MISSION. Unsuccessful people don’t know what they want to be.

    Keep your mission in mind and do not be swayed by your emotions or events. Instead pursue dreams with being wholehearted in their achievement. Play with confidence and truly believe you can be successful. Strive to prove it in your habits and activities each day!

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