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Getting Older - The Good Part


Getting older is tough. If you play sports like hockey and need to crawl to the bathtub in the morning before you bend over and break something, you know what I mean. Or, when you can’t remember the first name of your good friends wife, you have known for 20 years?

If you are experiencing the feeling you are not as energetic and vibrant as you used to be and as your health deteriorates and you even lose your precious hair, it is not always a bad thing.

You are maturing if you no longer have the patience for things you have done as a younger person.

There must be some good things about getting older and although it was difficult, I can with reflection and research present what I feel are some positives.

  1. Express What You Feel Without Worry

    Older, more mature people, do not have the patience to bottle up thoughts when they feel something was done wrong or unjustly either to them or someone around them. Younger people fear being out of step with their peer group and do not always do the same unless widely accepted to shout it out. Older people do not care about their popularity scale. When something is wrong, a senior sees it needs fixing, plain and simple, even at some social discomfort.

  2. Worry Less About How Others See You

    Young people strive hard to make a good impression on others, to fit in. They can not act as they wish when always being concerned about” What will others think of me?”

    Growing up and maturing pays off. You have hopefully realized that whatever others might think of you,it will not really change your everyday life. This is especially true if those involved are complete strangers. You have finally figured out that being seen down the street with a badly stained shirt, will make little impact on your life nor affect your behavior.Being mature means the ability to differentiate the very important from the ridiculous.

  3. No Need to Make Excuses For Your Mistakes

    When you are young, every mistake you make seems like the end of the world for you. Your world swirls around and the more you dwell on it the worse it gets. Mistakes, by young people are devastating so they always find an excuse to make up them, for themselves, not others, so they can sleep better at night. Being older and mature you know mistakes are simply mistakes. There is no reason to beat yourself down about them or justify them to others. You are human and make mistakes like everyone else. You can try to do better next time, maybe, but if not, you didn’t do it on purpose.

  4. Don’t Spend Your Time on Things Not Worthy

    Young people seem obsessed with enlarging their social circle and on accumulating possessions. Those older and mature find things suitable for their time. They don’t seek out new people or keep in touch with older ones just to increase the number shown as their Facebook Friends.They don’t continue to store away many items that they might need one day. They do not throw away the precious little time they have in the world on people they don’t care about or possessions that mean nothing to them.

  5. No More Guilty Pleasure

    Why does the expression “Guilty Pleasure “ even exist? Mature people understand that there is no need to feel guilty about whatever provides pleasure. Younger persons have the fear of being seen as “different”,or “weird” if they enjoy things that make them different and unique. Older people don’t care what others think about the things they do for pleasure and really there is no need to start.

  6. Invest Your Time With Those You Like

    Young people continue to try harder to get along with everyone as part of their employment goals or their never ending social life. Mature people look for the good in people and do not try so hard to be friends with everyone, but with those they enjoy time with. Older people care more dearly about their time and who they might spend it with.

    They make quick assessments about who they like and don’t knock themselves out to try to find some shining good in a person that does not appeal to them from their own feelings.

    Studies show those in retirement, with adequate resources, are spending their happiest years, possibly because of the above positives, in getting older. Rejoice in that the tough years are behind you and there is something better in getting older,more than the simple “Better than the Alternative”.

Lessons to Live Our Lives Better.

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